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At CDS Recycling we not only believe in and practice sustainability within the environment and waste industry but also within our direct community of children via the following avenues:

SU (Scripture Union) QLD

We support SU Qld and their vision of bringing hope to a young generation through their school chaplaincy

service, camping, community outreach and kids-at-risk programs.


Through positive and supportive relationships, SU aim to help young people with everyday life issues, as well

as the more critical ones like substance abuse, relationship issues, family breakdown, depression and low

self-esteem. Committed to this cause, SU Qld became involved with school chaplaincy in 1990 with interest in

school chaplaincy continuing to grow to this day.


A huge boost of funding from the federal government in 2007 saw the number of SU QLD chaplains jump from

200 to 500 within a very short timeframe. However, the funding has gone directly to the schools to employ the chaplains. Which means that employing authorities like SU Qld have to raise their own funds to provide the critical infrastructure that the system relies on. Also, the government funding is only seed funding. Every year all chaplains need to rely on their own fundraising efforts to stay in schools.


Consider supporting SU QLD and ensure chaplains and SU Qld remain in schools so that we can bring hope to a young generation!

For more information on SU QLD please go to:

CDS Recycling Scripture Union
CDS Recycling Scripture Union

Red Frogs

Red Frogs have been safeguarding a generation of young people at Schoolies since 1997

Red Frogs Schoolies and University Support Network has been providing support for

school-leavers around Australia for more than 23 years.


Part of the Red Frog support strategy is in educating Year 10's and Year 12's about the

realities of Schoolies and Leavers Weeks and other parties they attend throughout their senior years.


We are actively involved by means of sponsorship and voluntary work. Please support Red Frogs today so that

they can support our future generation!


For more information on Red Frogs please go to:

SHE Rescue Home

A She Rescue Home is a secure haven for young Cambodian girls who are at risk or who have been rescued

from being trafficked. Each of these beautiful girls deserves a safe and secure place to live, where counselling,

medical attention, and educational and vocational training can take place in a safe and loving location.


While a child‟s tragic journey into prostitution is sometimes due to a family‟s financial struggle, many families 

are lured or tricked into thinking their children are being offered a legitimate education or job. Trapped in this

world, they are held captive against their will. Threatened with violence, they are imprisoned between two

worlds of unimaginable pain.


Many under age girls are victims of these types of circumstances. Mu Soc Hua, Cambodia‟s minister of women‟s affairs, estimates that there are “around 30,000” young children being exploited in the sex trade in her country. Despite the efforts of the Cambodian government, children are continually being offered for sale. Mu Soc Hua says, it will take years to overcome the extreme poverty and widespread corruption that causes the child sex trade to flourish.


While there is still one child who is at risk of trafficking or enslaved in prostitution, SHE Rescue Homes will continue to provide a safe haven for them.


For more information on She Rescue Home please go to:

CDS Recycling SHE Rescue Home


CDS support the reduction of poverty in the world by purchasing products for everyday use that carry the

Fairtrade Mark.

Fairtrade supports marginalised farmers, workers in developing countries, enabling them to take care of the

environment and to build a better and more secure life for themselves, their families and communities.

By changing the balance of power in trade, Fairtrade creates a real, positive difference in people’s lives, from

the farmers and workers growing crops, right through the supply chain to the place where you buy the end product.

As the most widely recognised ethical label in the world, the Fairtrade Mark shows that the Fairtrade ingredients in

the product have been sourced in accordance with and meet internationally agreed Fairtrade social, economic and

environmental standards.

CDS is proud to stand with Fairtrade producers and encourage ethical sourcing. To support this, we are committed to purchasing Fairtrade certified products.

For more information on FairTrade please go to:

CDS Recycling FairTrade
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