Special Projects

The CDS team have the knowledge, expertise and ability to think outside the square in order to meet and understand our customers scope of works.


We provide demolition services to commercial, industrial and residential customers. 
Our services can be job specific or we can project manage the job from beginning to end whether the structures consist of brick, metal, wood or concrete.
Our team are licenced and adhere to AS 2601:2001 The demolition of structures.
Past projects have included water towers, buildings, railway carriages, factories.

Marine Retrieval and Salvage

Each salvage is approached individually due to the varying reasons for a vessel to have sunk.


Our expertise also extends to the provision of inspection, maintenance and construction of marine structures.


Our team consists of Commercial Divers and qualified operators utilising in service barges and heavy equipment.  


Specialist Services:

  • Salvage of lost moorings & sunken vessels

  • Underwater welding & cutting 

  • Demolition

  • Comercial diving operations

Secure Product Destruction

CDS provides secure product destruction to manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and retailers of branded goods which include clothing, consumables, fragrances, leather goods, computer software, electronics and medical devices.


Reproduction and counterfeiting is a multi-billion dollar industry in the commercial world. The incorrect disposal of branded products in general waste increases the risk of the discarded products being pilfered and reutilised, remanufactured or recirculated without your authority.


Destruction is usually the only secure solution for IT equipment that hold sensitive business information. Branded products which are allowed to flow into the after market of remanufacturing or counterfeiting impacts negatively on the market share, reputation and owness of a business.


Our total destruction process is designed to protect the integrity, reputation and prosperity of your business by ensuring that all official branded items, promotional gifts or counterfeited goods are destroyed in a highly secure environment.

Secure Document Destruction

Discarded information on documents and old computers is now considered a significant source of identity theft. 
What are the implications if your sensitive information fell into the wrong hands, and are there criminal charges, fines and headlines in your trash? 
Every working day, improperly trained employees handle and casually discard information that should be destroyed.
The consequence is that this action could cost your business a lot of money, time, embarrassment and putting your business reputation at risk.
Studies have shown that customers are far less likely to transact business with an organisation who fail to protect data.  


Secure Hard Drive Destruction



Hard drives carry too many secrets to simply be binned or “cleaned” by a third party prior to resale.
When your equipment has reached the end of its productive life, very often the hard drive inside has a perfectly accessible record of all the items that have been saved or passed through it over time.
If the hard drive is not destroyed, but is cleaned, and resold (‘recycling your hard disk’) or simply thrown away, that information could be accessed by unknown third parties and leave you open to a personal or commercial prosecution, or worse...


Our facility is a Quarantined Approved Premise (QAP) reference number: Q2562 with dedicated quarantine areas and several QAP Accredited Persons on staff.


We have the certification in order to receive imported products / containers under quarantine with specific arrangements in place for:


  • Fumigation

  • Washing

  • Pest prevention

  • Waste




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